Finance--Primary Platform

  Xinhua Avenue as the vertical axis and Jianshe Boulevard as the horizontal axis constitute the “Golden Cross” financial clustering area. It covers 2.6 kilometers from the Qingnian Avenue intersection at the west end to the Hong Kong Avenue intersection at the east end, and stretches about 500 meters to the north and the south along Xinhua Avenue. In this clustering area there are more than 20 upscale office buildings and over 200 financial institutions, making the “Golden Cross” most concentrated and influential financial clustering area in Wuhan as well as in central China.
Jianghan hosts branches of four foreign banks. Over 50% of municipal-level branches of domestic and foreign-funded banks and provincial-level branches of insurance companies in Wuhan are located in Jianghan district. National headquarters of five financial institutions i.e. Changjiang Securities, Hankou Bank, Union Life, Bank of SDIC and Wuhan International Trust & Investment Group, regional headquarters of 15 domestic and foreign-funded banks, and regional headquarters of 15 securities companies are all set up in this district. There are 104 business buildings higher than 20 storeys in Jianghan, accounting more than one third of that of Wuhan. Six out of the ten 5A office buildings in Wuhan are built in Jianghan district. There are 16 headquarters in the district that each contributes taxes worth over RMB 100 million yuan every year.  Jianshe Boulevard financial street is extended and connected with Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD which is now under construction, and will provide a better space and environment for the development of the financial industry.


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